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Hi, my name is Kevin Logan, owner of Better Bodies Health and Fitness. I have been involved with weight and strength training since 1980. I have played high school football, studied Muay Thia, and boxed competitively with reasonable success. I would run 15 to 20 miles each week, skate board, snow board, mountain bike etc, AND YET I WAS UNABLE TO SEE MY ABS.

The first picture above was taken during a low point in my life. My mom had been very sick for about a year and then passed away. Through this time, I quit training and began to over eat, washing down most meals with pop or beer. The fatter I became, the more depressed I became. The more depressed I became, the more I ate. Let me tell you, it didn't take long to reach a weight of 245lb.

At this point, the only pants I owned that still fit me was one pair of sweat pants. I knew I had to change my life! So, I had some photos taken, put myself on a sensible eating plan and trained hard for 12 weeks. The results can be seen in the second picture. The third picture is roughly a year later and I am slightly leaner and close to 8 pounds heavier. These results were and still are being achieved with out the aid of steroids, growth hormones, or pro-hormones.

It is my opinion that anyone of reasonable health can achieve truly awesome results in health and fitness, if they are given a proper instruction, and have the will to carry through. (itís not that tough).

 I have the knowledge to instruct you to similar results. DO YOU HAVE THE WILL?

 I would love to pass my positive experience onto you. So, book your FREE 1/2 hour consultation. Call 374-4140 or stop by 720 Seymour Street and try out one of our health conscious calorie counted meals.

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