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Better Bodies Body Transformation Contest (rules click here)

From (E-mail):

Better Bodies Body Transformation Contest RULES

The rules are quite simple. Write and tell us why you need to win this contest in under 200 words. The first winner will be chosen on March 19, 2004.
Yes, We said the FIRST winner! After the first winner, a name will be randomly chosen every thirteen weeks. SO, if YOU do not win the first time you may win the next time!

Please include your Name, Age, height and weight.

You can use the contact form above to send your entry form for the contest, or drop off the entry form in person on location (see contact information below).

Each winner will receive (one will be chosen every 13 weeks):
Better Bodies exclusive Body Transformation package
Use of better bodies gym for morning cardio *
A calculated eating plan for your specific needs (this eating plan will be revised as necessary during the 12 week course).
The “preferred customer card rate” on all our supplements.
48 hours of personal training at Better Bodies Health and Fitness.
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